Originally yoga was practiced one-on-one and passed from teacher to student pose by pose after 12 breathes the student achieved mastery and was allowed to progress.  In honor of these ancient teachings and the pure intention to bring yoga to all those whom seek it, I look forward to sharing your practice and helping you grow into your goals.  I love teaching EVERY BODY in all environments constructive for their progress and peaceful well being!
I offer my guidance and teachings privately in client homes, my own or private spaces and in a small group setting to ensure safety and proper anatomical & energetic alignment. By offering customized yoga classes, I seek to help each of my clients fulfill their personal goals on and off the mat.  

Sometimes finding or making time for the self can be the hardest obstacle in pursuing and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle, personal goal or commitment.  Yoga helps reconnect a person with themselves and shed the weight (whether physical or emotional) which holds many of us back from our true selves, and masks the essential beauty, love and light that lives within us.

 I would love to share your practice with you, whether it is just beginning or you are looking to deepen your experience, strengthen your knowledge and/or understanding of the beautiful ancient teachings of the relationship between the mind and body.